Coffee Lid Tornado & Reducing Plastics

I recently saw an sculpture of a massive tornado made out of the lids from take away coffe cups. It was in a foyer of a very flash building right next to the very nice coffee shop I used to visit a couple of times a day (and still would visit but I have moved offices). It really resonated with me. It occured to me … Continue reading Coffee Lid Tornado & Reducing Plastics

Canberra June 2019

An invitation from amazing friends arrived by text… “Would you be interested in coming away for a weekend with us to stay in our special place”. YES!!! Any time spent with these friends is cherished. They are wonderful. I am extraordinarily lucky to have them in my life. On top of getting to hang out with them, this would involve eating delicious food, drinking gorgeous … Continue reading Canberra June 2019

I’m Helen. Nice to meet you!

Why would a girl who usually barely engages online, and in fact actively avoided it in the past, start a blog? Last year I had a little forced slow down which has given me some time to think about what is really important in life and what I want in mine. I have been doing a bit of research into what makes people happy. What … Continue reading I’m Helen. Nice to meet you!