Environmental Stuff

Here is one journey I would like to take together.

I listend to a podcast recently which referenced the huge issues we have with plastics in our environment.

When people talk about this stuff it’s pretty easy to glaze over because either we don’t personally feel very effected by it, we don’t feel our contribution to the problem is very big, or that the problem seems pretty overwhelming and anything I could do would not seem to make a big difference.

But the podcast also referenced that really we have only had plastic available in large quantities for the last 60 years.

In that 60 years, we have created this…

Part of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I’m no environmentalist, but that looks bad.

Imagine what another 60 years at this rate would look like.

In the grand sceme of things 60 years is not long at all. This is not something that is ingrained in our history, generation after generation. My parents were alive before this started to become a problem.

Clearly I am not going to fix that problem, but I’m thinking that it really should be relatively easy to change my habits to at least slow down or stop adding to it so that whoever does fix it will have a smaller job, not a bigger one.

Which has led to me paying a bit more attention to how much plastic (and other potentially not great things) I use on a regular basis.

Maybe me doing something different will actually make a difference.

I will share on here things I do to reduce my plastic consumption.

Would love it if you would come on the journey with me.

Tell me about your ideas of how to reduce plastic. Lets learn from each other.

PS. I haven’t yet worked out how to link or reference to the podcast I referred to. So It was The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary episode 181 and Brooke talks to Tim Silverwood.