Recycled Yoghurt Making!!!

Yoghurt is a staple in my diet. I often buy yoghurt and muesli for breakfast from the cafe near work or from the supermarket up the road. I was advised by a nutritionist to eat protein every meal when going through treatment because chemo reduces muscle mass and you need protein to help build it back up. High protein yoghurt was one of the recommendations … Continue reading Recycled Yoghurt Making!!!

Back to Baking Bread

You know how when you change cars you start to see the same type of car everywhere when you never noticed them before.  Or you see a movie with an actor you decide you like and suddenly they are in every movie, TV show and voice over…I’m finding the plastic things is the same.  I am now seeing plastic everywhere I didnt notice it before.  So … Continue reading Back to Baking Bread

Coffee Lid Tornado & Reducing Plastics

I recently saw an sculpture of a massive tornado made out of the lids from take away coffe cups. It was in a foyer of a very flash building right next to the very nice coffee shop I used to visit a couple of times a day (and still would visit but I have moved offices). It really resonated with me. It occured to me … Continue reading Coffee Lid Tornado & Reducing Plastics

Canberra June 2019

An invitation from amazing friends arrived by text… “Would you be interested in coming away for a weekend with us to stay in our special place”. YES!!! Any time spent with these friends is cherished. They are wonderful. I am extraordinarily lucky to have them in my life. On top of getting to hang out with them, this would involve eating delicious food, drinking gorgeous … Continue reading Canberra June 2019

I’m Helen. Nice to meet you!

Why would a girl who usually barely engages online, and in fact actively avoided it in the past, start a blog? Last year I had a little forced slow down which has given me some time to think about what is really important in life and what I want in mine. I have been doing a bit of research into what makes people happy. What … Continue reading I’m Helen. Nice to meet you!