Let’s take a journey together

I like the idea of us going on a journey together. I also like the ambiguity of the word “journey” here.

When people talk about their journey, it may refer to a physical trip, a weekend away or a long anticipated holiday planned in meticulous detail (travel is high on my priority list right now, see other posts for details).

It may also refer to an inner journey, involving personal growth and development in light of challenging and inspiring experiences (oooh yeah, like you, I’ve had a few of those, see other posts for details)

Or maybe imaginative journeys of intellectual discovery or of pure imagination (like thinking starting a blog is a good idea…)

Also apparently a band from the ’70s. I googled it.

I would like to us to go on some of these journeys together (maybe not to the 70’s… time travel messes with my hair style…)

Often when you read about peoples journeys they have been there and done that, been doing it for years. They are experts and it’s a bit overwhelming to think you might get there one day. So you never set off, but half the fun is in the adventure, the learning, the silly stuff that happens along the way

I would like this blog to be a place where we can talk about where we are on a journey, offer each other advice, start some journeys together or join with people on the way and most importantly, share some stories, funny or otherwise.

I dont know where these journeys will take us but to start things off, I am going to talk about some stuff that interests me. Right now that involves slowing down and living life more intentionally, travelling anywhere I can, trying to be a little more environmentally conscious and generally enjoying life.

I would also like to share some stories of the challenging things I have had to deal with in the hope that it will help some other people cope with their chaos, or at least give them a giggle.

I intend to get some other intersting people to contribute interesting things to this blog. Maybe you have an idea you would like to share. If so please leave a comment so we can chat about it.

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