Lost Notes

I recently read about an exhibition that someone was putting on that showed a collection of notes.

The exhibitor had found many notes over the years, lost in random places and picked them up. Apparently when word got out that she collected these notes, people started sending ones they found to her. She now has cases full of notes and decided to showcase some.

It may have been a simple shopping list, a post-it note that had fallen off a file in transit or a personal note from a lover or friend. Each note was a little insight into a part of someone’s life.

Although I didn’t see the exhibiion, the idea obviously struck a chord with me because sometimes now when I see a piece of paper floating down the street in the wind I get curious and pick it up to potentially discover a story.

This week I found something special. A little insight into a world I would not normally see.

Written on blank receipt paper torn from an eftos machine, I presume an employee has made some notes that were intended for a suggestion box. A friend I shared this with suggested it might have been the speech notes of a manager for the next staff meetings.

I think it speaks for itself so I share it here with you today.

If you wrote the note and need it back, please contact me. I would love to hear how the suggestions were received.

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